10 Newbie Tips To Create Your Dream Email List!

Email marketing is a huge trending topic. Growing your list, getting subscribers, making them feel wanted and taken care of; then figuring out how to sell your own stuff to them – it’s taken me years of trial and error and experimentation to get it all down.

However, I am going to give you my top 10 TIPS to start this list and keep this going and going and going…

Let’s get started, today! Time is money and money is time so start using the hacks to get the ball rolling.

Overall – Your contacts are your lifeline, and your lifeline is your business.  This lifeline is continually churning, growing, and depleting over and over again.  The best practice is to nourish this list.  Like a plant, give it the right amount water and sunlight and watch it grow. With your list, the more quality care you give it, the more it will grow into something that can evolve consistently.  It is a very delicate balance and can be thrown off quickly.  The worth of your list continues to grow with the more valuable content that you deliver to it.  QuoteShark can help deliver that content on a monthly or even weekly basis.  It is important to partner with a firm that has a good reputation of trust and results. You need to know your business – how to calculate profits with your niche product, all the while letting a trusted partner to provide the marketing parameters, their niche, to do so.

TIP 1: Landing pages

Landing pages are absolutely necessary.  There is a different between getting people to see your valuable content and actually getting their information to add to your list.  A good place to get landing pages for a good price is Instapage.  They will build your landing page, you can customize your qualifiers and this tool will give you analytics.  You can also bridge the leads that come in to go right into your CRM seamlessly to save you time.  This is the first step in the process of growing an email list.

TIP 2: Content

CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT!!! I cannot say that enough.  Writing is hard if it does not come to you first hand.  It takes time, research, time, more research, creativity, time and more time. But in the end, content marketing works!  Content marketing is the practice of creating, publishing and sharing content with the goal of building the reputation and visibility of your brand.  You write to share your knowledge in a world where knowledge is consumed like a Golden Retriever eating, well anything.  People will read what you put out there.  So make sure it is good, true and provides value.  You can get help with content through QuoteShark as well, but if you want to do it on your own, do yourself a favor and upgrade to premium on LinkedIn.  You can publish your own blog on Pulse for your network to see.



If you read this and your opt in button still says “submit” you just lost at email marketing. Just kidding, I f love you and I will tell you gently why you need to change it. Because “submit” is boring and “Sign up” is NOT a call to action. You need to tell people why they need to join your club.  How will they benefit? How will it affect their company? How will it get them more sales? You need to have a CALL TO ACTION that is specific, enticing, and fun. Okay it doesn’t have to be fun but it should speak directly to your ideal client and refer to what they’ll get.

Here are some examples of what I mean:

How about an exciting “HELL YEA!”, which instantly makes you want in.


Or this one from Insurance Forums – they use the word “FREE” as it implies that it is no strings attached.  You get it, read it, learn it and apply it.


TIP 4: Multiple OPT-INS

You should have an opt-in form on every page of your website as well as in headers and footers of your eNewsletters and emails.  You want it visible.  So much that people see it 3-5 times when they visit you or see your email.  Use a pop-up!! Research from eConsultancy shows that a typical overlay pop-up can increase opt-ins by up to 400 percent, and most other Internet marketers will agree to the effectiveness of this opt-in strategy.  Share your opt-in value add via social media as well. Use all avenues to get people to opt-in. This includes using your sphere, referrals, and then your referrals sphere.  It is a ripple effect of sorts.


TIP 5: Tease-Gate

Only give so much away.  If you have an eBook – give the first 15 pages. Amazon and iBooks do this all of the time.  Then they have to sign up to get the rest.  Or you can make it funny. Either way, the goal is for people to join so you have an audience to send something to.  If you are putting out valuable content, this should happen automatically the more you are publishing your knowledge.

TIP 6: Go on a PODCAST

Podcasts develop influential relationships.  It helps you share your story and talk to your audience.  Not only do they position you as the EXPERT in your field but it is the best way to gain authority.  Podcasts can open up doors to opportunities to speak to large crowds of people looking for your services, it can build relationships and create affiliate marketing.  Overall there is no downside to partaking in podcasts unless you have no idea what you are talking about.


Using lead magnets is basically email building on steroids. More than 95% of your visitors won’t buy anything on their first visit. They’re either just browsing, still in the research phase or not entirely sure yet your offer is what they need.  It takes time to build trust, instill confidence and build a relationship.

A lead magnet is a (free) offer you make to get visitors’ email addresses. Some examples of lead magnets are content downloads, an eBook, a one-page marketing piece, current updates on news in the industry, a mailer (physical book to be sent out) and even a gift card for entering a drawing.  Here is an example of a good one:


The lead form – is very important – it needs to look good, attractive and have the correct number of qualifiers.  The rule is – the less number of qualifiers = the more leads = less quality (more tire kickers).  The more specific and quantifiable qualifiers = less leads = but better quality.  It is a fine balance and is usually good to consult someone on the creation of the offer, landing page and assistance of qualifiers.


Awe, good ‘old social media! You have gotta love how many types of social media there are out there.  The bottom line is that the majority of people out there are not going to call you.  They are going to browse the web, search forums, look at ratings, and link, tweet, or snapchat with someone before they physically step inside your office.  Studies prove that 100 people will look at your site for every 1 that comes into your office.  With that said, it is importante to have these widgets listed everywhere! I am talking about website, email, social media to social media, etc.  EVERYWHERE!!!!



Come on you don’t need those “fraps” or “PSL’s” all week long.  Give it up for some home brew and spend that money to make money.  I once did a campaign for a non-profit.  We put up $50 for one month and got over 3,000 Facebook likes.  Then again, that was a non-profit but still.  Facebook is a great place to drop some dough for some likes.  You can get pretty specific here as well whether it be geographically, keyword specific, interest specific, etc.  You can also control how much spend you have and how long.  This will determine how aggressive the campaign is to your audience.  QuoteShark can also help with this.  We have a specific social media package that encompasses three mediums and focuses on getting you the highest quality “likes” from your target market.

ACTION 10: Ask others to share your posts!

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Break into those other spheres by shares and likes.  What is the worst that can happen, a “NO”? Well, what does no mean??? “Next Opportunity”!




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